Sunday, April 12, 2009

The home stretch...

Thanks to everyone who came out to make yard signs Friday night. We had a great time and I enjoyed meeting all of you! You did a GREAT job putting them out. Lynette, you did a terrific job in Aledo, I had people at church tell me they saw them! Just a couple of days left to get the word out. Everyone continue to pass out flyers where ever you go. GREAT advertising. Many are taping the flyers to their windows.
I am writing on the back of my car window:

Taxed Enough Already!
March & Rally
April 15th 4:00
1st Mon Grounds

I have only had one volunteer to help with parking. I think we need at least four. PLEASE let me know asap if you can help.

Anyone interested in W'ford TEA Party shirts?

REMEMBER TO BRING LAWN CHAIRS FOR THE RALLY. There will be bathrooms, but no food or drinks items to be sold. You may want to bring bottled water.

Have you made your protest signs?
Keep checking the site for updates!

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  1. i think the t-shirts are a great idea!!!! where can we get info of them?