Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is it!!!

Well, tomorrow is TEA Party Day! I am so excited! It will be a great day for Weatherford, for Texas and for our United States! I'm hoping to see all of you and all of your friends that you bring with you!
Hopefully you had the chance today to hear Governor Perry speak out against the impending taxes and crises that we face. He was very strong about Texas sovereignty and supporting the TEA Parties across Texas and our nation. I was very proud to hear him stand up for common sense and Texas! He will be on Fox News with Sean Hannity tonight. Phil King is also speaking tonight at 7:00 in a town hall meeting. The topic of discussion will be property taxes in Texas, specifically, King's HJR 97, which deals with lowering and abolishing property taxes. Let's support those who support us!

Remember, our purpose is to come together as AMERICANS to protest the "crazy" that is happening in Washington and be a watch dog that "crazy" doesn't infiltrate our beloved Texas.

I read a "Declaration of Common Sense" today that I felt summed up what our movement is about...

"We the people of the United States hereby ordain that the Government has overstepped its boundaries. Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." We are here to proclaim that we shall remain silent no longer! Due to the Government's long train of abuses of the people's rights and trust, it becomes the people's right, it becomes the people's duty, to throw off such Government and provide new guards for their future security."

Tomorrow all across our nation, millions of people will gather together in one accord to say "enough!"
"We the people" the "Silent Majority" will now have our say and we will act together as one voice... and we will be heard!

Remember, the march STARTS at 4:00. The police will have the roads blocked for us. So try to be a bit early to park and gather. When turning into the First Monday Grounds off Santa Fe, you will be parking in the south lot. There will be people directing parking so watch for them. After parking gather inside the north lot by the fence. At 4:00 we are off!

Things to bring:

Protest sign - please don't use profanity on any signs or shouts, children will be attending and we are NOT that people.
Flags - American, Texas and Gadsden (don't tread on us)
Wear comfortable shoes - the march is just under 3/4 of a mile
BRING A LAWN CHAIR for the rally.

Come entergetic, come loud - this is a GREAT day in history for our country. YOU will be part of history... the day we began to take back the our country! Be part of it!

** anyone wanting to help decorate the First Monday Grounds for the rally, we will be meeting at 11:00 Wed. morning.
Thank you in advance... Dawn

"...for such a time as this"

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